Dr. Nicole Sergeant (Dr. Nikki) is the innovator, and President of Freckled LLC. She is a licensed physical therapist in the District of Columbia and Maryland, a native of Brooklyn, and proudly embraces her Spanish and West Indian heritage. While working her way through junior college in retail, she began noticing the issues with finding clothes that complimented her figure and started identifying there was a need for clothing to fit the curves of women. This began the awakening of the importance of looking good and how it affects your interaction with others. On the days that she loved what she wore, her sales were higher and felt that she could do anything. That’s the power of fashion. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Stony Brook University, a master’s degree in physical therapy from Howard University. There was no surprise that she would follow the path of her late mother in the healthcare field who was dedicated nurse for over 35 years and obtained her doctorate of physical therapy from Alabama State University.

As an active physical therapist, Dr. Nikki has worn uncomfortable scrubs for over 15 years and could never find scrubs to fit her curves and compliment her figure. Since she was unable to find scrubs that really worked for her, she decided to create her own medical scrub line to fit the curves of women of all shapes and sizes. Dr. Nikki is a firm believer that looking and feeling good always allows medical professionals to provide the service their patients deserve. With that desire in mind, she launched Morgan Taylor Scrubs (MTS). Her goal is to challenge the current expectations of how scrubs look and feel—ultimately enabling healthcare practitioners to meet their full potential in the work place by accommodating the curves of all woman. Dr. Nikki also launched a new men's scrub line that is functional and appealing. Now everyone can experience the same level of comfort and sophistication in our scrubs! 

Pulling from her early years of retail, her life long interest in fashion and clothing, she realized this was her calling. So with the creation of MTS, she honors her mother’s memory by committing to donate a portion of her proceeds from every order to cancer research.